Salty Fried Fish

“It is, wish I had some seasoning for these steaks though,” says Kate. She has the pike on a picnic table and she’s cutting steaks from it with the hunting knife. Jonathan went to find more rocks to prop up a grill with.

Mary says, “I’ve got an idea, it might sound crazy though.”

Kate says, “This fish has already gone down the rabbit hole of crazy; what are you thinking?”

“We could crush this bag of potato chips into crumbs to use as breading. They would add salt and oil.”

When Jonathan comes back he finds Mary and Kate crushing potato chips and coating pike steaks in them.

“Your wife’s idea,” says Kate.

“Now you know why I married her,” says Johnathan.

Once the steaks are on the grill, the chip grease sizzles and the smell of salty fried fish stops all our conversations, we can only stare and drool.