Back to Montreal

“All yours, free of charge. Almost. You must tell me who that is over there.”

It’s Claire. He’s pointing at Claire. I didn’t even see her, but there she is. Alone. Too far to say she’s part of the circle, but close enough to hear everyone. I say, “That’s Claire. That’s my sister. She doesn’t want to be here. I made her come. I kidnapped her when she was passed out in those boats at a family reunion. She was really pissed at me.” She doesn’t look pissed. She looks bored and vaguely sad. “Now she just wants to go back to Montreal.”

“That’s sad. She should come around the fire.”

“Yeah, she should enjoy this. But I don’t know. What do I know? I haven’t talked to her in years. She likes the city now. Maybe this just isn’t her thing.”

“I think she needs to smoke weed, I think that’s her thing.”

“Really? I wouldn’t know.”