Like the Rest of Us

“Easy bestie, I’m just joking. We should cook that fish, the coals are perfect.”

While they gather up bricks, I write descriptions of the art scene and a few lines from our conversation about it. Just as they’re about to put the fish on the fire we hear Claire coming down the hill. Crap. She’s probably going to say it’s time to go, and Kate’s going to argue with her because she hasn’t eaten yet. There goes the nice bonfire we were having.

She sits down beside me without a word and leans against a flat of concrete. I look at her. She’s expressionless, but staring into the fire like the rest of us (Kate and Sam paused putting the fish on). She says, “Lights are coming.”

Hmm...maybe she just needed to be alone for a bit. Maybe she’s calmed down and can get into all this now, and we can have the bonfire, and cook the fish, and drink. I should pass her a...wait. “What did you say?”

"Bokeh" by Peter Jung Photography, edited by A. Malcolm

"Bokeh" by Peter Jung Photography, edited by A. Malcolm