Moving in Together

Kate says, “And I’ve definitely got the better job.”

“No way, you have to hang out with all those greasy kitchen guys.”

“They’re fine as long as you keep them in their place. Better than your job anyway. I’d get fired so fast if I had to deal with all the assholes you serve.”

“Wow, so you guys spend a lot of time together, eh?”

Sam says, “Yeah, even though she gets on my nerves.”

“Fucking right, we’re best friends!” Says Kate. “We’re moving in together too, next month. It’s going to be fucking rad.”

Sam laughs, “Yeah, I’m looking forward to it too. It wasn’t always this way though. We ran with completely different crowds in high school.”

“But they were all douche bags.”

“Yup, we both cut our groups off after we graduated. And then we were loners.”

“Until we went for a beer together one night — the first time we ever hung out not at a family affair. When we discovered we both ditched our old crews it was an immediate holy fuck we just became best friends.”

“That’s great.” They look at me awkwardly, and I suddenly get the feeling that Sam is about to ask why Claire and I aren’t close. Before she can I say, “So Kate, you’re into dirt biking?”

"Rosey Toes" by Mark Rabo, edited by A. Malcolm

"Rosey Toes" by Mark Rabo, edited by A. Malcolm