Make a Living

Sam, exasperated, says, “Let’s talk about something else then. Coast, you were writing in your book when we came up. You looked so happy, like it put you in a better mood after the scene down on the beach.”

“Honestly, nothing makes me feel better than writing in a notebook around a bonfire.”

“Are you still writing about this trip?”


“Are you going to turn this into a book and publish it after?”

“I don’t know. I’m not big on thinking about writing as something to publish or make money off of. I got a way of making an income that I like, and I have writing in my downtime. It all makes me happy as it is.”

“That’s cool. I’m the same way with guitar. I play classical, but I taught myself, so I won’t be playing in any orchestras, and I’m never going to make a living as a popular musician. But my canoe trip friends love my playing, and sometimes I do shows at the library, and once I got paid to play at an art opening, but that’s all I need from it too. I could use a better day job though, Kate and I work at the same restaurant. I’m a server and she’s a line cook.”

"Fire Dance" by Jose Mamona, edited by A. Malcolm

"Fire Dance" by Jose Mamona, edited by A. Malcolm