Magic Beans

Sam chuckles to herself, then continues: “There’s something so mythical about these figures, so symbolic. I keep thinking that this place is exactly what a city that’s been abandoned for centuries would look like, rubble growing grasslands and forests. These sculptures are in a place that represents the death of a city, the rubble of a city. And when where they made? There’s no telling really.”

Kate says, “You’re making no sense. They were made probably not that long ago by a bunch of artsy street kids. They just took piles of scrap and turned them into slightly more organized piles of scrap, so what?”

“You don’t know that. There’s no reason to assume they’re built by street kids. They look old and mysterious. Like, who is expected to see them, to understand them? It’s not obvious. There’s a message in them from the dead cities, from the past, or there’s a puzzle in them, one meant for us.”

“Oh my fucking God. You think something magical created these sculptures. You think a committee of wizards from another planet is trying to tell us something. This is what happens when you think too much about the universe and energy and all that weird hippy shit, Sam, you start to believe in magic and signs and Christ I worry about you. You’re vulnerable and weird and delusional and I’m going to have to spend my life watching over you and making sure you don’t get sold magic beans…Magic beans!”

"Urban Sculpture" by EgnaroorangE, edited by A. Malcolm

"Urban Sculpture" by EgnaroorangE, edited by A. Malcolm