Bonfire Party Scene in Shadows

Sam says, “Oh my God, that’s it. You saw them in the daylight, but that’s not how you’re supposed to see them.”

Kate says, “Oh fuck, Sam’s gone to fairy land.”

Sam grabs the entire stack of wood I gathered and drops the whole thing on the fire. Both Kate and I jump up and back.

Kate says, “Cousin, I was going to cook on that.”

“Well when it dies down you’ll have great cooking coals. You can put bricks on them as a cooking surface.”

“Smart, okay, bonfire time I guess. But what’s the deal?”

“Just watch.”

The flames creep through the pile of wood until they ignited a tower of fire. It’s a good fire, but even better is what Sam has, quite literally, illuminated for us. The tall bending columns of brick on rebar polls, stacks of cinder blocks with long narrow marble arms holding beer bottles, and inuksuk characters are not the scene themselves, but are built to create a bonfire party scene in shadows — shadows cheersing, hugging, laying against rocks and even standing with a poker stick.

One sitting figure is leaning back against a rock with knees propped up and arms curved into the pelvis. A flat piece of marble lays in the lap looking roughly like a book. I find a cylinder of concrete near by and modify this figure so that a shadow of a pen is in hand over the book.

"Toronto" by Michal Adamczyk, edited by A. Malcolm

"Toronto" by Michal Adamczyk, edited by A. Malcolm