Those Significant Moments

So: I have a head injury, a price to pay for a flight, consequences to suffer for abandoning my parents and kidnapping Claire, no job and nowhere to live, but all in all a good start for a story. Claire’s going to hate that I’m writing about this trip. In high school I wrote a lot about the two of us, but only because I had to. To accelerate my education in writing, my English teachers gave me lots of extra credit assignments — short stories and essays to write and publish in local newspapers and journals. They’re what got me out a year early (and what were meant to get me into a prestigious writing program a year early) so of course I did them, but every teacher and workshop leader told me I had to dig into my personal history, to find those significant moments in my life and use them in my writing. Personally, I think all that 20th-century-build-your-character-through-Freudian-pschyoanalysis-crap as crap, but I went along with it for the credits. My teachers new I had a twin-sister, so I based most of the stories on our mutual childhood.

They were made up though, I only acted like they were true in class. Like this family road trip story where Claire and I huddled together while our parents screamed at each other (our parents hardly talked, let alone screamed), or the story of my confrontation with her over an abusive boyfriend (she dated a chain of horrible guys, but, as demonstrated on the beach, she’s good with weapons and can hold her own), or the story about her first period — she smacked me with a frying pan over that one.