Caught you Again

While she bandages me up we pass the bottle back and forth and watch Kate. She’s climbing around the pile of freshly dumped concrete. Then she gets her head and arms between two big slabs, looking like she’s about to fall in.

Sam says, “Be careful, you could get crushed.”

She keeps rummaging until she backs out dragging the fish by the tail. “Caught you again you sucker.”

Sam says, “Gross, it’s covered in garbage now.”

“Demo-fill, it’s fine. Coast, time to build a fire. I’m starving.”

I say, “Might as well. There’s no telling how long Claire’s going to be up there.”

Sam says, “I guess there’s no way she’ll want to stay in touch after this.”

“I don’t know, she might come around once the shock from everything has worn off.”

Sam laughs at me. “You can take a hit and not give up hope, that’s a good quality in a person.”

I fall back onto the rocks, “Thanks, I might just be stupid though.”

"Fishing" by Ian Muttoo, edited by A. Malcolm

"Fishing" by Ian Muttoo, edited by A. Malcolm