Disrespecting Natural Waters

Kate laughs, “Um…what fucking park are you talking about? All I see is some shitty shoreline. You should be grateful we’re gracing this crap pit with our presence. I suppose you’re going to say you’re the park warden.”

“Hey! What a mouth on you. I’m a truck driver and I’m just doing my job like we do when the park’s closed.”

Sam, stomping out of the water, yells, “You just dumped a bunch of trash into my lake. That’s not work, that’s disrespecting natural waters.”

“This ain’t trash, it’s fill from demolition sites. It don’t pollute nothing.”

Kate says, “I already told you that, Sam. See? I’m always right.”

"P1030455" by Robb1e, edited by A. Malcolm

"P1030455" by Robb1e, edited by A. Malcolm