Chapter 7 | Fatally Injured

Christ, what the hell was that? We all nearly got crushed. I looked up and saw the bin of a dump truck tilting right above us. I screamed run, grabbing Claire’s arm and charging towards the lake with Kate and Sam right behind. The boulders of concrete crashed down where we were and an explosion of concrete dust enveloped us. That freaked us out even more so we just kept running into the water until waves were crashing at our chest.

We turn and look at the pile that almost killed us and the dump truck it came from, the bin still tilted high.

I say, “Everyone all right? Claire, you good?”

She snaps her dragon eyes at me. “Am I what, Alex?”

“Good, like not hurt.”

“I’m not good or hurt. You on the other hand are fatally injured.”

“No, I’m good, I’m fine.”

But that’s not what she means.