Say 'The Wild'

“Take it easy, hippy, it’s just concrete and rebar. Rock that once came from nature and now returns to nature.”

“Listen, I want you to get some terminology straight: I’m not a hippy, I’m a canoe tripper, and just because I like paddling canoes and not stinking up the world with gas powered toys doesn’t mean you can label me. And don’t call anything ‘nature’ — it’s a meaningless, overused, powerless word now. So instead of nature say ‘the wild’, and everyone knows what you mean: these bricks and this rebar originally came from the wild, until they were domesticated into building materials, but just as you can’t send a dog back into the forest, you can’t just chuck a brick into the water and expect that you’ve returned something to the wild. Ugh, Kate, my brain hurts and I have to sleep. Can I have a bit of the vodka first though, Coast?”