Big Cities like Montreal

I look back as I say this, hearing Kate, holding an empty beer can, yell, “Oh I’ll fucking do it, I’ll fucking do it and you will fucking see me.”

Sam says, “Don’t Kate, it’s bad for your head.”

She crushes the can against her head — “Why did you cover your eyes? Well shit” — and tosses the can into the lake.

“Kate, you jerk, that’s pollution, that’s going to kill fish, go get that.”

Kate laughs, “You can’t tell me what to do you fucking hippy.”

“I’m serious, I’m not talking to you until you grab three pieces of garbage from the lake.”

“Oh fuck…”

Claire says, “Not my kind of people, Alex”

“Oh come on, they’re a little rough around the edges, but so are a lot of girls back East.”

“Yes, they are like girls back East — crazy, unkempt and weird — but I don’t live out East anymore. I live in Montreal, with other people who live in Montreal — the type of people who live in big cities like Montreal. And now I have to get back to Montreal and away from anyone who lives back East, out West, or in goddamn Hamilton. How is that going to happen?”

"Killdeer" by Matt MacGillivray, edited by A. Malcolm

"Killdeer" by Matt MacGillivray, edited by A. Malcolm