Perfect Landing

Kate says, “Sam, you’ve got this right?”

“I’ve got the canoes holding straight, that’s about the only thing I can do right now.”

“Well, shit, we’re fucking surfing!”

And just like that we forget about the fish and Claire, getting sucked into a pretty thrilling moment — the catamaran tilted, but perfectly sunken into the downslope of the wave; the water crashing, the stone beach fast-approaching, and the curl of our wave charging at us from the left. We all scream as the wave breaks and throws us on the beach (the beach’s grade is really steep, so the crash happens right at its edge). And when we are sure we are thrown far enough that we won’t get sucked back into the water, we cheer and high-five each other — Sam says, “Was that a perfect landing or what?” Kate says, “For a drunk driver you’re all right” — but we freeze the second we hear a loud and alarmed intake of air from a now very awake Claire.

"Seagulls on a Sculpture" by Jamie, edited by A. Malcolm