That Lifeless Shoreline

I spin around and look beneath the sail to survey what’s ahead, then huddle down into the hull in front of the bow seat to write. The city looks like it’s inland, even though I know from pictures it’s right on the water and has a big inner harbour. There are two shorelines ahead of it. The one closest to the city is forested. The only structure I can make out is a peer. The shoreline closer to us is the south side of a peninsula that comes out from the mainland east of the city, then curves far ahead of the shoreline with the peer, and ends at a lighthouse, which is ahead. There are no trees or any other buildings, just the lighthouse. “Sam, where are we going?”

“Straight, I don’t want to go in any other direction until I get this sail down.”

“So that shoreline with the lighthouse on it.”

“Yeah, we have to land there first.”

And it’s on that lifeless shoreline that Claire will wake up.

"Toronto" by Michal Adamczyk, edited by A. Malcolm

"Toronto" by Michal Adamczyk, edited by A. Malcolm