Softie at Heart

Even if we go over I figure we’d get rescued easily enough. There are sailboats and yachts scattered everywhere. I see a few kayaks too, and a six-person outrigger, which I’d usually only expect to see on an ocean, but this great lake is obviously ocean enough. It’s definitely a gorgeous day to be on the water. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is glittering everywhere I look.

Kate says, “Coast, drop the book, you’re scribbling in it like a madman.”

“In a sec. I’m describing the lake.”

“Why don’t you describe yourself cracking open a bottle of whisky and passing it around.”

“I can’t do that and write at the same time.”

“Right, so again, drop the book.”

Sam says, “Kate, you’re such a jerk. Coast, you’re so good about it though. I hope you know Kate’s a softie at heart.”

“Yeah, I can tell. Let’s drink some whisky.”

"P1030455" by Robb1e, edited by A. Malcolm

"P1030455" by Robb1e, edited by A. Malcolm