There’s a Bump

“Woh, there’s a bump,” says Sam.

A wave picks us up and carries us before getting ahead. I look around — and I’m looking backwards, leaning against the bow seat with the notebook on my knees, facing Sam ruddering the boat (Kate’s sitting in the stern of the boat Claire’s sleeping in the bow of) — and I see that the waves have really started building. The shoreline we’re following — lined with houses and the occasional marina and condo building — is too far to gauge our speed, but the wind and the waves must have us moving pretty quick. I’m getting a bit nervous thinking about how big the waves will be by the time we get to the city. “Sam, we’re not going to go over, are we?”

Kate says, “Oh, the big fisherman from the torrential coastal waters is scared of a little lake.”

Sam laughs, “Don’t worry, Coast, I got this. The wind is right at our tail, so no problem keeping us straight with the waves, and we’re a catamaran! I hope the waves get huge, it’ll be fun.”

"Horizon" by Allen, edited by A. Malcolm

"Horizon" by Allen, edited by A. Malcolm