Out of this Circus

Kate leaves, and after a moment of thought I ask Sam if there’s a phone inside I can use.

“Here, use my cell, I’ve got long distance if you have to call someone out West.”

“Thanks.” I make two calls: one to my landlord, to tell him I’m moving out immediately, and to keep my last month’s rent because I won’t be there to clean out my stuff (basically just a couch); and another to the captain of the fishing boat I’m supposed to go out on in a few days, to tell him I’m not out West anymore and probably won’t be coming back.

After I hang up, Sam says, “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I want to have nothing planned, I don’t want to live anywhere, I might even just drift for a while. You probably think I’m messed.”

“Definitely, but I love it.”

When she comes back, Kate says, “Holy shit are they ever screaming at each other. The two cops look like they want to quit on the spot. Our folks didn’t even register my presence so I told the cops to kindly let them know their kids are getting the fuck out of this circus in Sam’s canoes. The guy actually shook his head saying ‘take me with you’.”

Sam says, “That’s nothing, Coast just quit his job and told his landlord he’s not coming back.”
Kate looks at me like I’m insane (or maybe because I am). “You’re really one for rash decisions, fuck.”

We throw our stuff inside, climb in and leave while Claire sleeps sound and oblivious.