Chapter 2 | Canoe-Catamaran

We go down to the boat, then stand there in shocked silence for a while, Sam snivelling and Kate rubbing her back; I occasionally glancing at the still peacefully sleeping Claire.

Kate, after Sam relaxes a little, says, “Jesus fuck what a shit show. First time the two halves of our family get together in twenty years and it turns into a brawl.”

Sam says, “Oh my God, look, a cop car is coming up the driveway.”

Kate says, “We shouldn’t have to deal with this shit.”

Sam says, “I’m so sorry about your mum, Coast.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s my parents too, they’re horrible towards people. Seriously, that fight is nothing to do with us. Let’s just forget it.”

“How? It’s still happening.”

At that moment I feel a warm wind roll down the hill and out to the water. Away from the shore I see ripples, ripples that will eventually build into waves crashing against the shore of that city across the lake.

I say, “Hey, why don’t we jump in this canoe-catamaran and sail to Toronto?”

"Canoe 2" by Robert Thomson, edited by A. Malcolm

"Canoe 2" by Robert Thomson, edited by A. Malcolm