A Full-Family-Affair

Kate says, “I think your parents are here.”

Up the hill and through the trees on the left we can see part of the driveway, and coming up it is a cab.

I say, “All right, guess we should head up there.”

“Don’t sound so fucking excited.”

“Ah, I’m not to be honest. Haven’t seen my parents in three years and for good reason: they’re miserable people.”

We stay around and talk about what to do with Claire, eventually deciding it’s best to leave her where she is. Obviously she’s exhausted, and it would be better if she was rested before entering a full-family-affair.

We walk up the hill, but drag our feet. I don’t think any of us are excited about mingling with the older generation while they awkwardly reacquaint themselves. Of course we have no idea just how bad their reacquainting has become.