Godless Criminals and Trash

I look at Jake. He does this subtle turn of the head and nod. I look at my feet. My dad says, “Oh yeah, you two would get along just fine.”

Mum, departing for a moment from her most vicious voice to her vicious but at least comical, says, “Oh sure, Alex has always loved mingling with Godless criminals and trash.”

Jake throws his drink in her face. She yelps, and rings her hands, which are dripping. “What do you think you’re doing you scum?”

“The only thing I wanted to do since you arrived you bitter hag.”

My dad looks over at me, smiles, and yells, “Way to rush to your mother’s aid, son.”

I’m about to stride over when I hear the sound of a sob beside me. Sam, eyes streaming, whispers,

“What the crap is wrong with him?”