Beach Neanderthal

JS says, “Languor, what does this word mean?”

“Extremely relaxed, lethargic even, but in a pleasurable way. I try not to smoke so much that I become a burn out, but it’s inevitable sometimes.”

JS receives the joint back from her. “You’re very beautiful you know.”

“Yes, I know. Well it’s all relative, and as far as I’m concerned beach neanderthal isn’t an attractive look. I’m the only one here dressed with some class, so…”

“Yes. Beach neanderthal, I think that’s what I am. Why don’t you come sit with the other beach neanderthals?”

“Over there?”


“I’m not sitting over there.”

“Why not?”

“There’s a fire.”

“Yes, there’s a fire. You don’t want to sit around it?”

“No, I do what evolved people do. I move away from fires. I’m not a beach neanderthal, remember?”