Too Shy Right Now

Rory holds up a guitar that’s sitting in his lap: “Can anyone play this thing? I brought it all the way from Ireland and I can’t play for shit.”

Sam walks over and sits beside him on a cooler, “I can play, but I’m too shy right now.”

“Oh come on, play an Irish folk song and I’ll sing the words.”

“I don’t know any Irish folk songs.”

“Good, because I can’t sing for shit either.”

I sit down beside the cooler Damiond and Kelly are sitting on. “You guys are in some races?”

Kelly says, “Yeah, International Dragonboat Festival, here on the islands. You don’t know? Where did you come from?”

“Hamilton, we all just escaped a disaster of a family reunion in that canoe-catamaran. Sam rigged up a tarp sail and ruddered the boat all the way here in the wind and some nice sized waves.”

Rory looks impressed. “Play me a sailing song.”

Sam giggles, “I’m a paddler, usually, not a sailer.”