Drunken Bastards

Jonathan brings the fish up while Kate grabs a hunting knife that Sam has stored beside the first aid kit (Christ, that girl stays prepared). Mary gets just as excited about the fish as her husband is.

The other three — Damiond, Kelly and Rory — are talking about their dragonboat team as we walk up.

Rory, mockingly, says, “But Damiond, your practice sessions, you’re happy about them, yeah?”

“I think our team is perfectly prepared.”

Kelly says, “All we did was get drunk at every practice session.”

“We talked about theoretical situations. We went out in the boat a couple times.”

Rory says, “But Damiond, how much did we practice before the race?”

Damiond, flailing his hand at Rory, says, “Ah what do you know you Irish bastard.”

Kelly says, “You guys practiced none at all. We’re going to lose tomorrow, like we do every year. You drunken bastards.”