Chapter 11 | Dragonboat Festival

I’m happy, happy as hell. That flicker of what I thought might be fire light was fire light. Once we were closer to the shoreline we saw a beach running out from it and ending at the long breakwater of rocks, enclosing a little bay. We saw shrub-land behind it, between the beach and the gap into the city. We landed at the end farthest from the boardwalk, near the breakwater rocks, and we’ve joined a fire with five other people, and we’re finally going to cook the Pike.

An older couple from Hawaii, Jonathan and Mary, are helping Kate cook the fish. They flew in for a dragonboat festival that’s happening on the island — and that’s what we’re on, an island, separated by the Eastern Gap that we’re heading for, and the Western Gap, which runs between the airport and a section of the mainland just west of the downtown.