Tractor Beams

Kate says, “I can’t believe that trespass cop of a truck driver told those jack-ass-trespass-police on us.”

We hear security say, “I can hear their voices over there.”

“Well done, Kate,” says Claire. “Remind me never to attempt a prison break with you. Oh, that’s right, your side of the family are the only ones who would end up in prison.”

“Piss off. Listen to how overdramatic you’re being about some trespass police who have no way of getting to us. Oh shit, I was wrong” (sarcasm) “they’re driving their trucks over to us. Now we’re done, and look, they even have their head-lights on; I suppose they’re fucking tractor beams. Can—barely—paddle.”

"Moon" by Killericon, edited by A. Malcolm

"Moon" by Killericon, edited by A. Malcolm