I'm Eating That Pike

We go down the bank just as two vehicles skid to a stop at the fire pit. Kate is already trying to push the canoes into the water. “A little help here?”

We throw our stuff in.

Sam says, “Ew, Kate, why did you bring the fish?”

“Listen, I’m eating that pike even if I have to drag it into a restaurant kitchen.”

We start pushing the canoes in, everyone but Claire — she climbs back into the hammock bed.

“Or maybe I should serve it as a pre-flight meal to our first-class passenger here,” says Kate.

We shove in and return to our original spots — I climb into the bow of the canoe Sam is at the stern of, and Kate sits at the stern of the canoe Claire climbed into.

I say, “We have to get around the lighthouse.”

Sam says, “But that’s the direction the security are in.”

“So what?” says Kate. “They can’t swim after us.”

We paddle towards the lighthouse, but keep our distance from the bank. I should say Kate and Sam paddle, I’m just a passenger like Claire.

"IMG_9819" by Natasha Hermann, edited by A. Malcolm

"IMG_9819" by Natasha Hermann, edited by A. Malcolm