Chapter 10 | Tresspassing Ticket

Claire, casually and cryptically, was telling us that head-lights were coming this way along the road.

“That jerk ratted us out,” says Sam.

“Fuck Claire,” says Kate, “you could have been a bit more alarming.”

Standing on a rubble pile, I see a halo of siren-light above the grass and shrub-land only a couple minutes away. “Okay, everyone to the canoes.”

We all start grabbing our stuff, but Claire doesn’t move.

I say, “Claire, let’s go, that’s security.”

“Why? They’ll give me a ride out of here.”

“No, they’re going to give you a trespassing ticket.”

“I think they’ll know that I’m not a trespasser, that I’m a pretty respectable person who’s clearly been kidnapped by a bunch of skids.”

“Fuck it, leave her,” says Kate.

Kate leaves, but thankfully Sam stays. “Claire, I understand how much this sucks for you. But think about it, they’re not going to believe you were kidnapped by family from a family reunion.”

I say, “And I’m buying you a flight ticket when we get to the city, so let’s go.”

Finally she gets up. “Fine, but don’t rush me, Alex, or I’ll stick a piece of rebar through your skull.”

"In Wait for the Next" by John Ryan, edited by A. Malcolm